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Imperial Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack. The Empire’s most advanced attack craft bring monstrous power into battle in the Imperial Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada. Elusive TIE Phantoms ambush Rebel squadrons, while elite TIE Defenders outmatch the enemy with fearsome capabilities, and hulking VT-49 Decimators leave only wreckage in their wake. Supported by the coordination ability of Lambda-class shuttles, these eight miniature squadrons and eight squadron cards work hard to crush the Rebel opposition.

Key Selling Points
• Features two copies each of four new types of fighter squadrons
• Eight squadron cards allow you to field your squadrons as nonuniques or as ace squadrons
• Rogue VT-49 Decimators feature hull and armament stats that rival those of capital ships
• Permits the exploration of new tactics with its Strategic, Cloak, and Relay abilities

Weight (kg) 0.16