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Oom-Pah is a competitive speed game that combines Klondike Solitaire style columns, with snap style 'first in best dressed', with music theory.


You get a deck of cards with notes on them. You put four of them in front of you, as your 'Arrange Columns'. You put aside 8 of them as your 'Score Stack'. Finally, the remainder are placed next to your columns as your 'Impro Stack'. You draw from your Impro Stack in groups of 3 cards like Draw 3 in Klondike Solitaire. When there is a card in your Impro Stack or Score Stack that is the card under one of the ones on the top of your columns (like E is to F), then you can place the card there. Alternatively, if one of your cards in your Arrange Columns, Score Stack or Impro Stack is the next note in the Chord/Interval/Progression/Scale that you're playing with in the joint Compose Stacks, (like C is to A if you were playing Am (A-C-E)), then you can place it in the Compose Stack. It is not turn based - you work as quickly as you can, meaning that the faster player can place their card before the other. When a player empties their score stack, they yell 'Oom-Pah!' and get 10 points. Then each player gets points per the amount of cards that they played to the Score stack.


The game comes with 10 templates which have on them musical theory bits like Scales, Intervals and Chords. You can choose from any of them to play with, depending on the level of difficulty required, or what the players are trying to reinforce. So, for instance, you could play G Major, and require that players build G-A-B-C-D-E-F# in the score stack.


The game also comes with beginner, intermediate and expert rules which allow tailoring the experience.


From the publisher

Oom-Pah! For music nerds & legends… or those who wanna be! An addictive, fast-paced, brainfrying music theory card game that cleverly sneaks music knowledge into your brain!

For 1-4 players, think classic card games like Speed/Spit (if challenging friends), or Patience/Solitaire (if playing solo), but instead you build musical sequences!

Oom-Pah!'s unique colour-coded learning tools help you understand music concepts systematically. So whether you're an absolute beginner or musical maestro, you can compete at a level playing field.

With over 1,700 different game options to choose from you’ll always be engaged, entertained, & highly entertained! Other than making you really smart and an awesome musician, the best thing about playing this game is the thrill of shouting “Oom-Pah!” when you win!


Width (cm) 26.0
Length (cm) 4.0
Height (cm) 24.0
Weight (kg) 1.08