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Beast Kingdom D Stage MARVEL Loki

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Diorama Stage-084 Loki

Taking advantage of the chaos during the Avengers Endgame Tesseract heist, Loki for a brief period manages to steal the Space Stone for himself before he is arrested by the Time Keepers! In order to corporate with the administration and avoid their elimination, Loki is ready to repair the timeline and bring back stability to the universe!

Originally launched as one of the main antagonist of the Avengers, and Thors adopted brother, Loki is a character filled with humor and mystery. Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand introduces the Loki character from the TV series in a 360-degree diorama filled with easter-eggs and details from the offices of the "Time Variance Authority". For fans to find each and every detail, the Loki D-Stage 084 is ready to be added to your Marvel collection today!

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