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40K Space Marine Assault Intercessors + Paint Set (60-11)

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There is a new paint set incoming for both the Necrons and Space Marines. They include three brand-new, push-fit Necron Warriors with gauss flayers and Assault Intercessors respectively, each in distinct poses that are different to those featured in Indomitus and the three starters sets. The sets also contain six Citadel paints, a Starter Brush and a stage-by-stage guide to help you paint your models in the colours of the Szarekhan Dynasty in the case of the Necrons, or the Ultramarines Chapter for the Space Marines. These sets are also great options for more experienced hobbyists looking to add even more variety to their Necron Warrior and Assault Intercessor Squads, or to try out the new Technical paint that features in the Necron set, Tesseract Glow.